UoB-UFSC Interdisciplinary Lecture Series - Language and Literary Studies

Tuesday 30 November 2021 (14:00-15:30)

For more information please contact Richard Brunt, International Partnerships Officer, Birmingham Global.

UoB-UFSC Interdisciplinary Lecture Series: Dr Paul Thompson and Dr Maria Ester W.Moritz

Join us for the first in a series of events jointly organised between UoB and UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina), and hear from experts who will be discussing a range of topics within the broad area of Language and Literary Studies. This first event which will include two talks from UoB and UFSC respectively, will focus on the common theme of ‘academic literacy’, exploring this from different viewpoints and perspectives, and taking into consideration experiences from the UK, Brazil and Latin America. 

Advanced academic literacy skills in the context of UK Higher Education: writing with authority

Dr Paul Thompson, Reader in Applied Corpus Linguistics and Deputy Director, Centre for Corpus Research, University of Birmingham

Dr Thompson has been at the University of Birmingham since September 2009, and is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Corpus Research, as well as being Deputy Director of the College of Arts and Law Graduate School. He is a corpus linguist with particular interest in specialised discourses, and has a background in English Language Teaching (ELT) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Dr Thompson took up the post of Director of the Centre for Corpus Research at Birmingham in September 2009, after working for thirteen years as a lecturer in EAP/Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading. He had previously taught in Kenya (one year) and Japan (fourteen years) before moving to Reading in 1996 to undertake doctoral research.

An exploration of research on academic literacies in higher education in the Latin American context

Profa. Dra. Maria Ester W. Moritz, Department of Languages and Foreign Literature, Federal Universtity of Santa Catarina (UFSC). 


Dr Gisele Orgado, Brazilian Leitora – Teaching Fellow in Portuguese Studies, Department of Modern Languages University of Birmingham 

Profa. Dra. Rosane Silveira, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).