Making a murderer

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 28 February 2024 (13:00-15:00)

What drives a person to commit murder? In thought-provoking masterclass, you'll aim to answer this complicated question. 

You will actively undertake a exploration and risk assessment of a murder case and look beyond the sensational headlines, gaining insight into the motivations behind criminal actions. This session will challenge you to explore deeper into the intricacies of how and why individuals commit crimes before leading onto conversations on how to enforce effective preventive measures.

A heads-up: This masterclass will touch upon content related to violent crimes, so we kindly ask participants to be mindful of this aspect when registering.

Who can attend this masterclass?

This event is open to all Year 12 and 13 students. You don't need any specific experience to be able to attend, but an interest in psychology, sociology, or criminology is encouraged. Explore the rest of our masterclasses for more learning opportunities.

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