Making a murderer? (Year 12 and 13)

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 9 March 2022 (13:00-15:00)

Class capacity: 50

Year group: 12 and 13

Subject(s): Psychology - Clinical and Forensic

Attendee requirements: Attendees should be studying A level Psychology, Sociology or Criminology

About: What does it take for a person to kill another? By looking at a case study, this masterclass will aim to explore the social, psychological and environmental drivers behind violent crime. Students will actively undertake a exploration and risk assessment of a murder case to think about what is behind the headlines, how individuals commit crime and what can be done to prevent this. Please be aware that this masterclass will cover content relating to violent crime, so participants should be mindful of this when registering.

Additional information: Schools will be limited to 8 places for this class. Individual bookings can be made by students in Year 12 or 13.


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