Spectroscopy: Session 2

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 20 March 2024 (13:00-15:00)
14 Spectroscopy

This masterclass will cover spectroscopic methods and their relevance to society, from applications in analytical science to their part in addressing global challenges in sustainability.

After an initial talk which delves into the significance of spectroscopic methods such as IR, NMR, and Mass Spec, you'll then take part in interactive practical demonstrations that bridges theory and application.

Step into our state-of-the-art collaborative teaching laboratory, where you'll have the unique opportunity for hands-on use of instruments. Afterwards, you'll apply your knowledge to a problem-solving challenge where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills in a dynamic and collaborative setting.

Throughout the masterclass, you'll be guided by a team of experts, including academic staff and current undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

This event is a repetition of the first Spectroscopy Masterclass for students who can't attend that date. The content is the same.

Who is this event for?

This event is open only to students Year 12 who are studying A level Chemistry. Explore the rest of our masterclasses for more fun learning opportunities.

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Questions? Email the team masterclass@contacts.bham.ac.uk.