Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer

The Orbitrap Elite is a hybrid mass spectrometer which combines two, sequential mass analysers: a high resolution orbitrap with a high sensitivity front-end, dual-pressure, linear ion trap. The instrument offers resolution of up to 240,000 at m/z 400, ppm mass accuracy and sub-femtomole sensitivity. 

Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Picture: Thermo Fisher Velos Orbitrap ETD w/ Triversa Nanomate and nanoLC

direct-surface-samplingThe Orbitrap is equipped with a Triversa Nanomate (Advion) chip-based electrospray system and a 2-dimensional direct nano-flow LC system (Dionex). The Triversa Nanomate also offers liquid extraction surface analysis (LESA) capability, i.e., direct surface sampling. In addition, the Orbitrap can be coupled with differential ion mobility (or FAIMS) either for direct injection or on-line liquid chromatography.

Tandem mass spectrometry capabilities include collision induced dissociation (CID), electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and higher collisional energy dissociation (HCD).