Non-covalent Complex Analysis

Native mass spectrometry refers to the analysis of oligosaccharides/ proteins/protein complexes under non-denaturing conditions.

We offer:

Native mass spectrometry on proteins from 2 kDa to 1 MDa in size.


Native MS can provide information on:

  1.  Non-covalent protein complexes; oligomericstatus/sub unit composition.
  2. Protein-ligand interactions including antibody-drug conjugates.
  3. Subunit stoichiometry of protein complexes.
  4. Topology of protein complexes.
  5. Microheterogeneity on proteins present within aprotein complex.
  6. Metal binding within a protein/protein complex.

For native mass spectrometry analysis, we utilise the SolariX XR Mass Spectrometer which is equipped with nano-electrospray ionisation.

Note: Membrane protein analysis by native MS is not routinely performed but can be provided upon request. Please contact us if you require this type of service.

How to prepare samples for analysis

We require a minimum of 20 µL sample volume at a concentration of 20 µM. Desalting is required prior to mass spectrometry analysis and this service is provided in-house. For protein-ligand measurements, please provide the protein and ligand separately along with an estimation of the binding affinity/ratios in order to mix the analytes’ to ensure complex formation occurs.

Note: PEG, glycerol and detergent are not amenable to mass spectrometry analysis. These must be removed prior to sample submission. Analysis on lower sample volumes/concentrations can be attempted but results are not guaranteed. Please contact us prior to analysis if your sample has stability issues outside its preferred buffer or does not fulfil the above criteria.

Sample Submission

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