Our facilities

Study spaces

The library has forty-two study spaces spread across two reading rooms, the art library is a quiet study space.


The library has two PCs. One is dedicated to the library catalogue, and the other is a networked PC which requires your ADF details to log in and can only be used by University staff and students. The networked PC can be booked in advance.


Wireless internet access is available throughout the library, for University staff, students and visitors.

Photocopying, printing and scanning

There is a combined printer, photocopier and scanner in the small reading room, connected to the University's main managed print system. It can be used to print, photocopy and scan to University email addresses.

There is also a standalone scanner located in the small reading room. This scanner is not networked, so you will need to use a USB drive to save images. The standalone scanner is suitable for external visitors who wish to scan books.


Requesting images for personal use only

To submit a request for images for personal use, please complete the online form. If copies are for any reason other than for your own personal use, please use the publication form below.

Requesting images for publication, exhibition and sharing

Requests for images for publication, exhibition, or any other form of sharing (including social media) are reviewed and granted at the discretion of the Director of Special Collections. To submit a request for images for publication, exhibition or sharing, please complete and return the online form.

Copyright guidance

There are limits on how much you can print, photocopy or scan from any copyrighted resource.

Generally the following limits are considered "fair dealing" when copying for non-commercial research or non-commercial private study:

  • Up to one complete chapter of a book​
  • Up to one whole article from a single issue of a serial publication or in a set of conference proceedings​
  • The entire report of a single case of judicial proceedings
  • In the case of an anthology of short stories or poems, one short story or poem not exceeding 10 pages in length
  • OR, no more than 5% is printed or scanned​ in total from any one volume