Withdrawn material

The Sebourne book and archive collection has been permanently withdrawn by the depositor.

Sections of the archives of the Church Missionary Society have been temporarily removed by the CMS and are currently unavailable for research at the Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections.

These comprise:

CMS AF35/59 Afg E1/1-7

General Secretary Department records 

  • Property records CMS/G/F 1 (1930-1948)
  • Church Missionary Trust Association Ltd correspondence and papers CMS/G/F 4 (1934-1946)
  • Records relating to controversies CMS/G/AX (1888-1949)
  • South American Missionary Society correspondence and papers CMS/G/O 13 (1932-1944)
  • Policy file CMS/G/AP 11 1921-1937 and 1941-1945 

Finance Department records 

  • Landed Property Sub-Committee and Property Committee CMS/F/C 4 (1882-1941)
  • Special Sub-Committees CMS/F/CS 2 (1911-1938)
  • CMTA minutes CMS/F/FLC 1 (1885-1934)
  • Stock certificates and property registers CMS/F/FLF 11-13 (late 19th-mid 20th cent)
  • Trust fund records CMS/F/FLTS 2/6 (1932-1939)
  • Selected mission finance records CMS/F/FY 9-11 (1912-1948)
  • Property records for Ceylon and India CMS/F/PY CE/2, CMS/F/PY I3/1-2, CMS/F/PY I4/1, CMS/F/PY I7/1, CMS/F/PY I7/17 part (19th-20th cent)
  • Property registers CMS/F/PYR 2-4 (1890s). 

Mid Africa Ministry (MAM) 

  • Ruanda Council minutes and agenda papers MAM/C (1926-1950)