CEPLER Working Papers

The CEPLER Working Paper series has been established to provide a forum for ideas and debate on legal education and the legal profession.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone with suggestions for a working paper: this might be the draft of an academic article, a short policy piece, copies of speeches or addresses, reflections on a topic from those in practice etc.

For more information on this Working Paper series, please contact the CEPLER Administrator - cepler@contacts.bham.ac.uk 

Paper number Discussion paper title Author(s)
2022-01 Lost to Law: Why Women Leave the Legal Profession The Centre for Employability, Professional LegalEducation & Research (CEPLER)
2019-02 The Regulation of Solicitors and University Law Clinics Linden Thomas
2019-01 Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on the Nature of the Legal Profession and its Regulatory Framework Nikita Pandit
2018-04 Reimagining Health Law Professor Jean McHale, Dr Atina Krajewska
2018-03 Reimagining the Teaching of Land Law Emily Carroll
2018-02 Sustainability and the Commissioning of Legal Services Professor Robert Lee, Begonia Filguiera
2018-01 Brexit and the Law School: Re-imagining EU Law Martin Trybus (editor)
2017-04 Reflections on participation in the Birmingham Law School Pro Bono Group Gurpreet Ballagun, Emerald Hutton, Jasmine Lalli, Catherine Ruta
2017-03 Response to Law Commission Will Consultation October 2017: Improving Awareness of the Rules on Revocation of a Will by Marriage Emily Carroll
2017-02 A study of litigants in person in Birmingham Civil Justice Centre Professor Robert Lee and Dr Tatiana Tkacukova
2017-01 ‘For now we see through a glass, darkly’: examining diversity disclosures by UK law firms through a critical race perspective Emma Flint
2016-07 Pro Bono Challenges and Opportunities: A Student Perspective Christopher Walker
2016-06 'It doesn't happen...and I've never thought it necessary for it to happen': Barriers to vulnerable defendants giving evidence by live link in Crown Court trials Samantha Fairclough
2016-05 Getting Law Students to Contribute in Class: A Personal Reflection Samantha Fairclough
2016-04 Five Benefits I Got From Doing Pro Bono Beth Johnston
2016-03 The 'Lottery' of Justice: Exploring Some of the Consequences of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and the Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 Linden Thomas
2016-02 Response to LSUC Consultation Paper: 'Promoting better legal practices' Dr Steven Vaughan
2016-01 Symbolism over Substance? Large Law Firms and Corporate Social Responsibility Dr Steven Vaughan, Linden Thomas and Alastair Young
2015-13 A 'brexit' would be a serious threat to London as the centre of globalized legal services: 2015 CEPLER Essay Competition Winner Lawrence Dushenski
2015-12 Guidance and the Regulatory Space for Solicitors Dr Steven Vaughan
2015-11 Response to the 'Future Bar Training' Consultation Dr Steven Vaughan
2015-10 Keepers of the Gate: Access to the Solicitors' Profession in the 21st Century Dr Laurence Etherington
2015-09 Corporate Lawyers and the Public Interest Dr Steven Vaughan
2015-08 Corporate Bribery and Tax Abuse: what's law got to do with it? Prof Celia Wells
2015-07 Corporate Lawyers: Values, Institutional Logics and Ethics Prof Richard Moorhead
2015-06 The Regulatory Balancing Act Iain Miller
2015-05 'Typical Lawyers': Clones, Clients and Fitness for Purpose in Times of Change Mark Crowder and Catherine Shephard
2015-04 Re-Imagining Clinical Legal Education Linden Thomas
2015-03 The Legal Education-Legal Practice Relationship: A Critical Review Peter Smith
2015-02 The Social Magic of Merit: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the English and Welsh Legal Profession Prof Hilary Sommerlad
2015-01 Going Public: Diversity Disclosures by Large UK Law Firms Dr Steven Vaughan
2014-06 In an Age of Austerity, Access to Justice is a Luxury: 2014 CEPLER Essay Competition Runners-up Salmaan Hassanally, Amelia Skelding & Jill Wong
2014-05 In an Age of Austerity, Access to Justice is a Luxury: 2014 CEPLER Essay Competition Winner Chris Richards
2014-04 Non-Traditional Students and Critical Pedagogy: Transformative Practice and the Teaching of Criminal Law Susy Menis
2014-03 Grand Designs: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Criminal Law Prof Celia Wells
2014-02 Reflections on the 'Re-Imagining the Teaching of Criminal Law' Workshop Dr Imogen Jones
2014-01 The Changing Nature of Academic Careers in Law
Prof Anthony Arnull