HPLC equipment

Analytical HPLC systems - Shimadzu systems

Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipmentThe facility has two Shimadzu Prominence systems both feature a quaternary pump, auto-sampler, column oven and a selection of detectors.The auto-samplers will take up to 70 samples, that can be analysed with high sensitivity and linearity and minimized sample carryover with an injection volume range of 0.1 µL to 100 µL. Included is a sample cooler that features a dehumidifier function for storing samples at a constant temperature between 4 °C and 40 °C. A column oven allows temperature control from below room temperature to 80oC.

Available Detectors for these systems:

  • UV - SPD-M20A (Photodiode Array Detector)/SPD-20A (UV-VIS Detector). Both capable of detecting UV active compounds with a wavelength range from 190 to 700nm
  • Fluorescence Detector (Shimadzu RF-10A). The RF-10AXL offers excellent sensitivity, wavelength accuracy, and reproducibility for molecules that fluoresce.
  • Refractive Index (RefractoMax 521 Refractive Index Detector). Used for routine analysis of non-UV absorbing compounds. Ideal for detection of alcohols, sugars, carbohydrates, fatty acids and polymers.  Low baseline noise and high response make it suitable for sensitive analyses.
  • Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) (Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100). ELSD outperform traditional HPLC detectors when analysing non-chromophoric components in a sample. ELS detection does not rely on the optical properties of the analyte, thus, for a semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds, the signal is proportional to concentration – a truly universal detector. Provides high sensitivity for semi-volatile compounds, universal and more uniform response and complementary information for LC-MS.

Agilent 1260 Infinity

The facility has one Agilent 1260 Infinity system with auto-sampler, multi wavelength UV detector and a fraction collector.Agilent 1260 Infinity system equipmentThe wide flow range of the 1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump (from 0.2mL up to 10 mL/min) supports standard and semi-preparative applications and combined with the fraction collector allows for the purification of small amounts of sample that can be subsequently analysed by mass spectrometry (Mass spec) and/or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy .

The auto-sampler will take up to 100 samples, these can be analysed with excellent sensitivity and linearity and minimal sample carryover with an injection volume range of 0.1 µL to 100 µL. An additional thermostat unit allows the temperature of the auto-sampler to be controlled from 4-40oC.

The thermostatted column compartment controls the temperature from 10oC below room temperature to 80oC.  A switching valve within the column oven compartment means up to 6 columns can be used at any one time.
Detection for this system is by UV with the Agilent multi wavelength detector allowing for the simultaneous detection of 8 wavelength.

Gas Chromatography equipment

Gas Chromatography

The facility has two Shimadzu GC-2010 instruments. Both of these have flame ionisation detectors (FID) which will detect compounds containing a C-H bond One instrument additionally has an electron capture detector (ECD) and the other a thermal conductivity detector (TCD).Shimadzu gas chromatography equipmentECD is used for detecting electron absorbing analytes, of particular use for halogen containing compounds. ECD can be 10-1000 times more sensitive than a FID. This makes it possible to potentially detect halogenated compounds such as pesticides and CFCs.

TCD will detect virtually all compounds and is often called a universal detector. It is relatively insensitive – around 1000 times less sensitive then FID and is normally used for compounds not detected by FID for example inorganic gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, etc) and small hydrocarbon molecules.