Mass spectrometry 

At the present time, the School of Chemistry's Mass Spectrometry Laboratory has six instruments. These range from traditional magnetic sector mass spectrometers, offering EI, CI, GC/MS and LSIMS techniques, to modern time of flight instruments equipped with MALDI, Electrospray / APCI, and with LC/MS capability. This variety of techniques and ionisation methods permit molecular weight and structural information across the full range of chemical and biochemical disciplines.

Additionally, the use of automation allows for fast turn round of samples and coupled with the use of modern computing, results can be presented as hard copy and/or on CD or DVD for personal use and storage.

Mass SpectrometryAn electrospray mass spectrometer

The scope of mass spectrometry can be further enhanced by linking the mass spectrometer to gas chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography instruments, allowing the characterization of each component in a complex mixture.


What can we can offer?

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