SuperCollider mailing lists

Subscribing and unsubscribing

To subscribe send an email to containing the text:

subscribe sc-users or subscribe sc-dev

To unsubscribe:

unsubscribe sc-users or unsubscribe sc-dev

You may also use the following links which will open a correctly formatted message in your default email client:

subscribe sc-users

unsubscribe sc-users

subscribe sc-dev

unsubscribe sc-dev


Please do not send messages to the lists about subscribing and unsubscribing. If you have any problems contact the list owner at or Before doing that however, please note the following when unsubscribing:

You need to unsubscribe from the address you used for subscribing.

In some cases there may be a short delay after unsubscribing due to the distributed nature of the bham listserv system, and the need for updated subscriber lists to propagate to all relevant mail servers.

Majordomo sometimes chokes on html formatting. If you get a failed message that looks something like the text below then you should try again using a plain text message. (In for instance see under the Format menu.)

 >>>> unsubscribe sc-users<br>

**** unsubscribe: unknown list 'sc-users<br>'.

Gmail Issues

Gmail users often make the mistake of subscribing the version of their address and sending from the version or vice versa. Majordomo doesn't know about Google's double address quirk, so you need to send from the address you subscribed or it will bounce. If remembering this is too much trouble, add the other address to sc-users-acl or sc-dev-acl (see below) and you'll be able to send from that too.

Another issue is that Gmail seems to have an option which edits out your own posts when receiving mail from listservs. People sometimes think this means their subscription has failed.

ACL (Access Control List) Subscription (Disabled Delivery)

It is possible to post messages to the lists from unsubscribed addresses, providing they have been added to the appropriate 'access control list', either sc-users-acl or sc-dev-acl.

To add an address to one of these access control lists send an email to containing the text:

subscribe sc-users-acl or subscribe sc-dev-acl

To remove an address:

unsubscribe sc-users-acl or unsubscribe sc-dev-acl

You may also use the following links which will open a correctly formatted message in your default email client:

Add an address to sc-users-acl

Remove an address from sc-users-acl

Add an address to sc-dev-acl

Remove an address from sc-dev-acl


History and Archives

The original SC list was hosted by James McCartney and is archived here.

When SC became open source lists were setup at These lists were migrated, along with their archives, to in June 2008. Archives are available here:



Bad address policy

The two lists are relatively high traffic, and as such just a few bad addresses (user over quota, address unavailable, etc.) can flood the list owner with failed send and bounce messages, which can easily make proper list maintenance next to impossible.

Because of this, bad addresses will quickly be unsubscribed, generally without warning. (A warning would probably be impossible anyway.) Upon correcting any problems users are free to re-subscribe. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.