The effective usage and strategic development of HWB•NMR services are guided by its user representatives, evaluation panels and external advisors.

Local users representing the views of Birmingham-based groups include the following individuals, and meet every quarter:

National users are represented by the following UK-based NMR experts, who provide advice on national priorities and usage:

  • Igor Barsukov, University of Liverpool
  • Matt Crump, University of Bristol
  • Paul Driscoll, National Institute for Medical Research
  • Tom Frenkiel, National Institute for Medical Research
  • Arnout Kalverda, University of Leeds
  • Steve Matthews, Imperial College, London
  • Gareth Morris, University of Manchester
  • Geerten Vuister, University of Leicester

European user applications are reviewed by an International Evaluation Panel consisting of established NMR investigators including:

  • Iain Campbell , University of Oxford UK
  • Astrid Gräslund , University of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Axel Haase , University of Wurzburg, Germany
  • Robin K. Harris , University of Durham, UK
  • Katalin Kövér , University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • Dominique Massiot, CRMHT-Orléans, France
  • Chrit Moonen, University of Bordeaux, France
  • Janez Plavec , National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia
  • George Ratcliffe, University of Oxford, UK
  • Michael Sattler , EMBL, Germany
  • Joachim Seelig , Biozentrum Basel, Switzerland
  • Vladimír Sklenár, University of Brno, Czech Republic
  • Anthony Watts , University of Oxford, UK

The External Advisory Board has provided guidance since the inception of HWB-NMR and includes:

  • Alex Breeze, University of Leeds
  • David Cowburn, New York Structural Biology Center
  • Paul Driscoll, National Institute for Medical Research  
  • Lewis Kay, University of Toronto
  • Ernest Laue, University of Cambridge
  • John Markley, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Steve Matthews, Imperial College, London
  • Harald Schwalbe, Goethe University in Frankfurt
  • Geerten Vuister, University of Leicester
  • Jon Waltho, University of Sheffield (Wellcome Trust-appointed)

The Financial Management Group includes Carol Harris, Sue Rookes, David Lloyd and Daniel Swaine, and meet with the staff one month after each financial quarter.

Management structure

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Together with our users and advisors we seek to ensure that HWB•NMR maintains open accessibility, appropriate transparency and responsible oversight of its operations.We value your feedback.