The effective usage and strategic development of HWB•NMR services are guided by its user representatives, evaluation panels and external advisors.
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Reviewers' Board

National users are represented by the following UK-based NMR experts, who provide advice on national priorities, usage, and review applications for access to the Wellcome -supported instruments:

  • Igor Barsukov, University of Liverpool
  • Tharin Blumenschein, University of East Anglia
  • John Christodoulou, University College London
  • Matt Crump, University of Bristol
  • Ben Davis, Vernalis Research
  • Cyril Dominguez, University of Leicester
  • Paul Driscoll, Francis Crick Institute
  • Tom Frenkiel, Francis Crick Institute
  • James Garnett, King's College London
  • Rivka Isaacson, King's College London
  • Arnout Kalverda, University of Leeds
  • Lu-Yun Lian, University of East Anglia
  • Steve Matthews, Imperial College, London
  • Gareth Morris, University of Manchester
  • Helen Mott, University of Cambridge
  • Daniel Nietlispach, University of Cambridge
  • John Parkinson, University of Strathclyde
  • Mark Pfuhl, King's College London
  • Michael Plevin, University of York
  • Brian Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Gary Thompson, University of Kent
  • Geerten Vuister, University of Leicester
  • Chris Waudby, University College London
  • Mateus Webba da Silva, University of Ulster
  • Joern Werner, University of Southampton

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board has provided strategic guidance since the inception of HWB-NMR and includes:

  • Alex Breeze, University of Leeds
  • Rafael Brueschweiler, Ohio State University
  • Paul Driscoll, Francis Crick Institute 
  • Lewis Kay, University of Toronto
  • Claudio Luchinat, University of Florence
  • Steve Matthews, Imperial College, London
  • Ann McDermott, Columbia University
  • Tatyana Polenova, University of Delaware
  • Harald Schwalbe, Goethe University in Frankfurt
  • Jon Waltho, University of Sheffield (Wellcome Trust-appointed)

The Financial Management Group includes Allison Lander (Institute Manager) and Daniel Swaine (College Business Partner), and meet with the staff one month after each financial quarter.