Biomolecular NMR Facility

Researchers from across the world are invited to study the 3D structures and interactions of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids and metabolites at the Henry Wellcome Building for NMR. We offer a £10m national resource based in Birmingham, providing scientists with insights into the molecular basis of human health, cancer progression and infectious diseases.

Book NMR time

Book NMR time

Users are welcome to apply for time on the NMR spectrometers on an hourly, daily or weekly basis through remote scheduling once they have registered.

About us

About us

We offer access to six NMR spectrometers at the Henry Wellcome Building, a national NMR facility based in Birmingham



We offer four ways to use our services, including hands-on access to the UK's only cold probe-equipped 900 MHz spectrometer, NanoProbe and HyperSense systems



We support internationally competitive biomedical research by providing academic and industrial users with access and services on our six NMR systems

NMR Basic Training Week (12-15 Nov)

We are pleased to offer a four-day course (with option to attend one or more days) that focusses on both fundamental and advanced concepts in NMR- and MS- based metabolomics.

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Latest News

The new 800 MHz NEO spectrometer console has been installed and is running with the 5mm TXI probe until the 5mm TCI cryoprobe is delivered (now expected Autumn 2018). A 1.7mm TCI cryoprobe to follow later in 2018. Free access to UK users!

The Wellcome Trust has funded 5 years of free access to the 800 and 900 MHz spectrometers for UK-based users involved in biomedical research from 2018. The award includes a welcome 800 upgrade. Please email Dr Sara Whittaker for access.

Prof Anthony Watts (University of Oxford) gave his 2015 RSC Prize seminar entitled "Pushing the Limits with biological Solid State NMR - biomembranes as an example" in the School of Chemistry on Tue 12 Jan 2016.

From September 2015, HWB-NMR houses two new Bruker 600 Avance-IVDr (in-vitro diagnostic research) systems as part of the Phenome Centre - Birmingham metabolomics initiative. Contact Prof Mark Viant (Director of Phenome Centre - Birmingham) for more information.

After 12 years as Executive Director at HWB-NMR, Prof Michael Overduin left the University of Birmingham on 1 Aug 2015 to take up his position as Executive Director at NANUC, University of Alberta, Canada.

The Spring NMR-DG meeting on "Diffusion NMR" took place in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham on Tue 31 Mar 2015. Speakers included Chris Waudby, Iain Day, Carmine D'Agostino, Peter Griffiths & Gareth Morris.

Take advantage of free access to our Bruker 900 MHz NMR spectrometer and 600 MHz TXO cryoprobe for 13C direct detection! Please email Dr Sara Whittaker.

The HWB-NMR 10-year anniversary user meeting took place on Fri 7 Nov 2014. Our thanks to the speakers for their enjoyable talks! Click here for the programme.