NMR Basic Training 2022

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Welcome to Basic Training day (17 Nov)!

We are delighted to be back to offer a 1-day course that focusses on "Making the most of GHz-NMR". The course will highlight practical considerations for experiment optimisation and data processing at ultra-high field, including the differences between e.g. parameter set-up at 800 MHz & 1.0 GHz. The course will provide useful practical hints and tips not generally found in text books, with training provided by experts in the field.

Course organisers: Dr Mark Jeeves & Dr Sara Whittaker

This year's course is aimed at intermediate+ level (e.g. Year 2 and 3 PhD, Post-Docs, refreshers) and is intended to provide a platform from which students can interact with expert instructors and ask plenty of questions in a friendly environment.

There will be ample time for Q&A sessions. It is the instructors' challenge to ensure that everyone takes away more knowledge than they arrived with. Anyone looking for a refresher in NMR experiment optimisation is warmly welcome to attend.

Pre-requisites: Exposure to basic NMR spectroscopy and hands-on spectrometer experience up to 800 MHz is advantageous, though not mandatory. A desire to become hands-on users of UHF-NMR! 


Programme Summary

Session 1: An introduction to the ultra-high field systems, including demonstrations of experimental set-up with special consideration to the differences between set up at ultra-high field and lower field spectrometers

Session 2: Probing backbone dynamics of proteins using 15N relaxation methods

Session 3: The use of methyl TROSY experiments in studies of large molecular weight species

Session 4: Best practice in NMR data processing


We look forward to seeing you!