Hannah Witton (History, 2nd year)

Maverick Television is a television production company that specialises in factual entertainment, its flagship show being Embarrassing Bodies, and has won awards for its work in multiplatform. Hannah worked with the multiplatform team as a junior researcher.

Hannah's role

The internship was for three weeks during July 2013 and Hannah was supported by the UK Professional Bursary which she used to live in London for the duration of her internship.

As a junior researcher Hannah worked mainly on the YouTube channels that Maverick runs called ‘DailyMix’ and ‘BodyTalk.’ Each channel produces five videos a week which she helped with from their creation right through to the edit and publish onto YouTube. Other roles included researching, casting, scripting, buying props, running and editing.

Hannah enjoyed the networking and variety of jobs that working at a large production company offers. What she enjoyed most was the creative freedom that she was given and the chance to participate in team discussions which resulted in her ideas being used in the final videos. This gave her confidence to put more of her ideas forward and is able to use the skills she has learned for her own YouTube channel.

By working at Maverick Hannah has been able to experience many new aspects of the media industry and so now has a better idea of what she enjoys doing. She now has contacts in television who can give her advice or work in TV production in the future.

Hannah’s thoughts

"I experienced a real mix of office-based jobs and behind the scenes to full on activity of being on set."

"I feel like my main achievement was when the series producer asked the whole team to brainstorm some ideas for a shoot later that week where we were going to have two of our talent do fun things around London. The two videos that ended up getting made were my ideas (Monopoly challenge and a London scavenger hunt). I felt very proud of the fact that my contribution was recognised amongst the people I was working with."

Employer's thoughts

"Hannah was a great addition to the Daily Mix team, with a lovely attitude and full of ideas, she was very helpful on shoots, and has a great knowledge of all things social media and actually took over our various accounts (twitter, tumblr, instagram etc) whilst she was here, as she did such a great job with them. She was very quick to learn, and was good at taking feedback on board."

Posted on Thursday 17th October 2013