PERFECT talks: May and June

Lisa will deliver a talk on Responsibility and Choice Blindness at a workshop entitled Moral Responsibility: Hard Cases organised by Anneli Jefferson at the University of Birmingham on 18 May and at a conference entitled Responsibility for Attitudes at the University of Southampton on 26 June.

On 26 May Lisa Bortolotti will present a talk on Optimism and Success at the Hay Festival.

On 25-26 May Sophie Stammers will be presenting on Dissonance and Implicit Bias at the 4th Fragmentation Workshop at the University of Graz, Austria.

On 31 May Lisa Bortolotti will discuss confabulation in a workshop entitled Beliefs, Subdoxastic Attitudes and Imagination organised by Bence Nanay at the University of Antwerp.

On 19-20 June Kathy Puddifoot will be giving a talk on eye-witnessing testimony and memory distortion at the Knowledge, Truth and Criminal Trial workshop in Nottingham.


Posted on Thursday 20th April 2017