Our work in China

There is a long history of collaboration between the University of Birmingham and China. In 1907 our first Chinese student joined the university, and since then our links with Chinese students, institutions and partners have grown.

Skyline of Shanghai at night

Our longstanding engagements in China include high profile partnerships with Chinese government, business and civic society in the fields such as health, transport and energy storage. Through these collaborations the University of Birmingham is tackling some of the biggest challenges of our age.

Educating Students

By 1920, between 10 and 20 Chinese students were enrolling each year at the university, and today more than 4,000 students from China are studying with us.  Explore our China country profile for more information.

Thanks to our longstanding relationships, Birmingham students have many opportunities to study at Chinese institutions. In addition, we have a number of prominent Chinese professors at the university, and almost every college is involved in research with Chinese colleagues.  For more information, please email Nina Morris, China Institute Office.