Careers support for International students

When you join us you will benefit from our sector-leading employability support. Our Careers Network will provide you with expert preparation for employment or to help you advance in your career, either in your home country or elsewhere. Through our services, we can help you to identify your career aims, contact prospective employers and develop your skills.

Your time at Birmingham is what you make of it, and we encourage you to participate in the many and varied activities and opportunities available while studying, to ensure you develop personally and professionally. We offer a wide range of services, including a dedicated International Careers Advisor team, working exclusively on your behalf to provide you with training and development. 

Whatever your plans after completing your degree, we offer a range of schemes and services that will help you to identify your options, develop your opportunities and work towards your goals from the day you arrive at Birmingham. We want to ensure that success in your degree leads you on to a fulfilling career. 


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