Why go abroad?

Studying or working abroad as part of your degree will provide a whole range of benefits, both personally and professionally.  Whether it is for a few weeks or a full year, when studying or working abroad you will...

group of students working in a classroom

...boost your academic learning

When you are studying abroad, you get the opportunity to experience a different academic environment, a new way of teaching, and enrich your studies with alternative perspectives on your subject area.

...enhance your career prospects

UUKI research (Research from Gone International: rising aspirations 2019) has shown that students who have study on the year abroad route go on to achieve higher grades, are more employable, and get a higher starting salary.

Male student dressed in a gown and mortarboard smiling during his graduation ceremony
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..develop your transferable skills

Global experiences will mean adapting to new situations, taking initiative, and communication with different types of people.  All of which will help you grow as a person, become more confident, and self-aware.

...have the time of your life!

Living overseas, experiencing new cultures, making new and interesting friends in incredible destinations as part of your degree is a unique opportunity. It can be a hugely rewarding time when memories are made that stay with you for the rest of your life!

group of student friends sat together hugging by the edge of a river