Sandev Panaser

BSc Psychology, University of Warwick; MSc Occupational Psychology, Coventry University

Why I applied

Working in an institution that makes a difference to people’s lives whether that be through research, teaching or other activities and engaging with people who share similar values and beliefs were just some of the main features that attracted me to the Graduate Management Training Scheme.



This was my additional project during the second year of the scheme which saw the conference hosted here at the University over two days, primarily taking place in the new Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre. I had the opportunity to work closely alongside senior managers at the Institution and beyond, coordinating activities of four organisations to ensuring the conference’s success.

I thought that the scheme would help me to develop the skills and experiences required to take on a managerial role in a large organisation. I had already taken on leadership positions within smaller enterprises and knew that I would be exposed to a much greater range of managerial issues and perspectives.


The scheme offers a robust development package from formal training courses to informal chats and support from your assigned mentor, coach, buddy from the year above, placement and scheme manager. I however would say it is important to seek out your own development opportunities; you are in a privileged position where you can ask to take part in almost anything so take advantage, learn something about everything and most importantly have fun. The aim is to become one of the future leaders in Higher Education so it is important to get involved!

Advice for applicants

If you are successful at the first stage of application and invited to an interview then my best advice would be to genuinely express why you want a career in Higher Education and why Birmingham. All trainees so far have been passionate about making a difference and what better place to do it than at a civic university.