A final year Medical Student will be awarded the Chancellor’s Prize at the University of Birmingham in recognition of her outstanding academic record and overall contribution to the life of the University.

Liz Haydon will receive the prize, which is presented annually as part of the University’s Degree Congregations, on Tuesday 11th July.

Liz began her Medical degree in 2001 after completing her first degree in Physiotherapy at Kings College London.

Since arriving at Birmingham in 2001 Liz has excelled academically, and will graduate this year with an Honours Degree (the equivalent of a First Class Degree for Medical Students). Liz has also proved an outstanding contributor to the life of the University. She has been the driving force in setting up a students’ orchestra and choir in the Medical School and as a student representative she worked to bring together staff and students to discuss key issues in medical ethics.

 Liz has also used her medical knowledge to work as a volunteer in Zambia, teaching and caring for children affected by the AIDS epidemic. In summer 2005, she also spent time in Samoa looking at the effects of the obesity epidemic on the Pacific Island.

Dr Kate Thomas from the University of Birmingham Medical School said: “Liz has been a huge asset to the Medical School and the wider University. She is a hugely popular student with an immensely infectious and positive personality. Her ability to enthuse those around her means she has an uncanny ability to make projects succeed. Although we are very sorry to see her leave, her compassion and kindness to those around her means she will be an excellent doctor."

Liz commented: “I feel immensely flattered and happy to have been given this award. Medical School has been the ideal environment in which to get involved with clubs and societies. There are always many other students who are just as enthusiastic as myself, which has really helped to make projects like the orchestra a success.”


 For further information contact: Ben Hill: 0121 4145134, 07789 921 163.


Liz will be presented with her prize at 9.30am on Tuesday 11th July.