The University of Birmingham is aware of the internal dispute between the Birmingham University Evangelical Christian Union (BUECU) and the University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

The University’s Charter, and general law, requires the University not to discriminate on the grounds of religion and the University is proud of the fact that its Charter was one of the first in the Country to include an anti-discriminatory clause.

The University understands that the BUECU is a society within the Guild of Students. As such it receives financial support from the members of the Guild and has the ability to use the Guild premises for its society events. The Guild’s Constitution requires all such societies to be open to all Guild members. The Guild has over 158 different societies, thirteen of which are faith-based and include, for instance, six Christian based groups as well as the Hindu, Jewish and Islamic Societies.

We understand at the moment that the BUECU have not yet exhausted the internal procedures within the Guild, either to challenge their requirements for membership, or to suggest an amendment to the Constitution.