Academics will be arriving from all over the globe this week to discuss Virginia Woolf, her writing and the effect it still has on writers of today, at a conference organised by the University of Birmingham from 22 – 25 June.

Virginia Woolf, who was writing in the early 20th century, was integral to the modernist movement, which tried to capture experience in a new way - moving away from Victorian realism and engaging with the forces of modernity, experimenting with narrative form and voice.

At the conference, writers from Birmingham and the regions will be one focus of discussion, to ascertain how far Woolf was sympathetic to figures who were not part of London’s artistic scene.

Steve Ellis, conference organiser from the University of Birmingham’s Department of English, says, ‘This will be an exciting occasion, which will show how critical Woolf’s writing remains for readers from all over the world.’

The conference takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham from 22 – 25 June. Day delegates are also welcome. For further information please contact Professor Steve Ellis at


For further information

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