The University of Birmingham fully endorses the position of Universities UK in relation to recent developments concerning  University and College Union proposals to debate a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

UCU received legal advice, which stated that a boycott of Israeli academic institutionswould be unlawful and could not be implemented.

Universities UK has issued the following statement, which Birmingham wholly supports.

Responding to the UCU legal advice on the Israeli boycott, Professor Rick Trainor, President, Universities UK, said: "This is good news. We've said all along that vice-chancellors would not support such a call. Our view was, and remains, that any such boycott would be inimical to academic freedom - including the freedom of academics to collaborate with other academics, regardless of nationality or location.

"Speculation about a potential boycott has been damaging to the international reputation of UK higher education. We hope this advice draws a line under this. The best way forward now is to continue the dialogue and exchanges between universities in the UK and in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories."