An event will be held at the University of Birmingham aimed at those involved in the growing business of hydrogen as a future fuel for fuel cell applications who want to learn more about new developments and technologies. 

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain Workshop, to be held on Wednesday 28 November, will enable small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to gain new understanding of this emerging technology and to meet University researchers at the cutting edge of work in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells.

Hydrogen is considered a clean fuel as it has a minimum impact on the environment and could reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.  It is widely recognised that, in the face of climate change and oil depletion, the transition towards a hydrogen and fuel cell economy could be a viable solution to our energy demands. 

Dr Bruno Pollet, from the Department of Chemical Engineering's Fuel Cells Group, and organiser of the event, says, 'We are starting to take the necessary steps to gear up towards a hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure, so it is essential, now, that we begin to develop a supply chain of businesses which can generate jobs and growth in these new technologies.  The workshop will help to create new working partnerships and to bring about a sense of cohesion among those already working in the industry.'

The event will enable companies and individuals to come together to discuss ideas and to promote their services.  They will also be able to see the latest in fuel cell technologies, both in domestic and transport applications.  Current research into hydrogen and fuel cell at the University focusses on hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) units which will help researchers to determine how the technology needs to be adapted to make hydrogen fuel cell for both automotive and domestic applications  efficient and cost effective.

The event is free and companies and individuals from the chemical, engineering, materials aspect of the automotive and energy markets are welcome to attend.  Those wishing to register can contact Dr Bruno Pollet at the University of Birmingham's Department of Chemical Engineering on 07814 952112 or at


Notes to Editors

There will be an opportunity to photograph the Hydrogen Cab and the Hydrogen Barge between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Please contact the Press Office for accreditation.

The research on this area is being carried out by:

  • Professor Kevin Kendall, Dr Waldemar Bujalski and Dr Bruno Pollet, the University of Birmingham Fuel Cells Group - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications
  • Professor Lynne Macaskie, the University of Birmingham Unit of Functional Bionanomaterials Group - Hydrogen Production
  • Dr David Book and Professor Rex Harris, the University of Birmingham Hydrogen Materials Group - Hydrogen Storage
  • Professor Richard Green, the University of Birmingham Department of Economics - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Economy

For further information

Please contact Anna Mitchell, Press Officer, University of Birmingham, tel 0121 414 6029 / 07920 593946