Listed below are key contacts who can provide expert media comment for matters relating to the New Year.  The University also offers expertise across a very wide range of subjects and can offer further suggestions as required; please contact the main press office numbers for further information or help in setting up interviews. 

General University of Birmingham Communications Office contacts:

Head of Communications:

Rachel Burrows:  07799 656649

Academic Contacts:

Dr Paul Aveyard
Smoking prevention and smoking cessation (stopping smoking)

Dr Jackson C Kirkman-Brown  
Fertility, conception

Prof. Stephen McKay   
Family finances; families in debt

Prof. Isabelle Szmigin
January sales; consumer behaviour and shopping: consumption; consumer innovations; older consumers; ethical consumption; alcohol consumption; credit and debt; relationship marketing

Dr Frank Eves 
Physical activity; lifestyle physical activity; Exercise Psychology

Professor Jim Orford 
Addiction; alcohol, gambling, drugs, etc; resolving to make a change and how to get help; how addiction/excessive alcohol or drug use affects the family and how the family can cope

Dr Gary Wood
Life coaching; goals and New Year's resolutions