Listed below are key contacts who can provide expert media comment for matters relating to Christmas.  The University also offers expertise across a very wide range of subjects and can offer further suggestions as required; please contact the main press office numbers for further information or help in setting up interviews. 

General University of Birmingham Communications Office contacts:

Head of Communications:

Rachel Burrows:  07799 656649

University of Birmingham academic contacts:

Dr Pat Hanlon:  

Transport economics in general: air transport, especially airlines and airports; congestion; travel at Christmas

Dr Chris Kidd:  

Climate and atmopshere: climate change; climate extremes; rainfall and white Christmasses

Prof. Stephen McKay:

Family finances at Christmas/families in debt

Prof. Paul Stewart:

Obesity; high blood pressure

Prof. Isabelle Szmigin:

Commercialism of Christmas; Consumer behaviour and shopping: consumption; consumer innovations; older consumers; ethical consumption; alcohol consumption; credit and debt; relationship marketing; anti-drink driving advertising campaigns at Christmas 

Dr Peter Webb:

Popular music and the music industry (including Christmas number ones and digital music );Media: film and television

Dr Gary Wood:

Relationships and family; stress and loneliness at Christmas