Dr John Lynch’s new book, After Bloody Sunday: Representation, Ethics, Justice, is a critical evaluation of how that infamous event has been portrayed since 1972 in the media and through acts of commemoration.

In the publication, co-authored with Tom Herron, Dr Lynch examines cinematic productions from high-profile 'popular' forms of entertainment - such as Paul Greengrass' feature film "Bloody Sunday" and Jimmy McGovern's made-for-television film, "Sunday" - through to lesser-known treatments in poetry (Thomas Kinsella's Butcher's "Dozen"), drama (Frank McGuinness' "Carthaginians" and Brian Friel's "The Freedom of the City"), and visual art (The Bogside Artists and Willie Doherty). 

The book has been hailed by Ireland’s Sunday Tribune. “Herron and Lynch are to be congratulated for a thoughtfully argumentative work of philosophy, intelligent insight and reasoning into an aspect of Irish history that still needs resolution despite the advances of the peace process.”

The book is published by Cork University Press.


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