The Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, will deliver a lecture at the University today on improving performance in the criminal justice system.

In the second of the Criminal Justice Lecture series, the Attorney General will look at a new strategy to empower local criminal justice agencies such as the CPS, police and courts to provide efficient and effective service to the public.

Baroness Scotland will say: “Our new strategy will build on the progress we have all achieved, but with a new emphasis on local criminal justice boards taking the lead in responding to the needs of their communities, and driving reform to improve services for their communities.

“The overall vision is simple: it is for a criminal justice system that is efficient and effective, engaging with communities, responsive to the needs of victims. A system that focuses on successful outcomes, including public protection and reducing the risk of re-offending, and taking away the proceeds of crimes from criminals.”

The Attorney General is speaking at 5pm at the Law School. The lecture series continues with Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty who will give a lecture on Wednesday 19th March.