People who have gone through out of body experiences are invited to take part in a study at the University of Birmingham.

Dr Jason Braithwaite, a cognitive psychologist from the University’s Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, is calling for out of body experience (OBE) participants to take part in an experiment that will hopefully tap into the brain mechanisms which underlie these fascinating experiences and may reveal what factors differentiate OBEers from nonOBEers. 

The ‘Out-of-Body Experience’ (or OBE as it is commonly known) is an instance where people experience the world from a perspective outside of their physical body.  Some observers have reported looking down on themselves and seeing their own physical body from ‘outside’ of themselves.

Dr Braithwaite explains: “When it happens it feels totally real to the observer and is just as vivid as real perception.  While some interpret these striking experiences as ‘spiritual’ or ‘paranormal’ science is now taking the study of such strange experiences very seriously indeed and is seeking to provide a more rational explanation.”    

Dr Braithwaite says: “We are looking for people aged between 16 and 50 years of age to take part in this fascinating and promising  study.  The study consists of a simple computer-based visual task and then filling in some easy questionnaires.  It takes about 45mins to complete and all participants will be fully briefed after taking part.  People tend to find the experiment really interesting”. 

Those wishing to take part in the study can contact Dr Braithwaite via email at


Notes to Editors

Dr Braithwaite is available for interview. Please call 0121 414 6029 / 07920 593946.