The University of Birmingham is hosting a major conference today on religious discrimination.

Policymakers and academics will explore some of the critical questions facing today's Britain: to what extent is the legislation and policies working? Are Islamophobia and other forms of religiously-based discrimination on the increase?

The impact of policies such as Preventing Violent Extremism on Muslim and non-Muslim communities as well as other faith communities will be discussed at the event.

Dr Chris Allen, from the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Applied Social Studies, says that aside from the Equality Act, a significant amount of legislation and policy initiatives have been aligned with responses to anti-terror and security issues. Given the impact of 9/11, 7/7 and numerous 'terror raids', many people perceive current counter-terrorist policy agendas are being targeted at Muslim communities.

“Not only has this reinforced those fears and mistrust that already exist in some parts of society about Muslims and Islam, but it has also increased feelings of anger and alienation within some Muslim communities,” Dr. Allen explains.

The event takes place 2:00 - 5:00pm, in the Main Lecture Theatre, Muirhead Tower. 


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