A ‘green’ concert performed by reggae artist Carlos Dadawah will be entirely powered by hydrogen, thanks to the expertise of engineer Dr Alex Bevan from the University of Birmingham. 

This zero-emission performance, which takes place at the New Dogpool Hotel in Stirchley on Thursday 26th February at 7pm, is the first time that Dr Alex Bevan has used his knowledge of hydrogen to power an amplifier and sound system. 

Alex from the University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, says, ‘As a society, the more we can use hydrogen as an energy vector alongside other alternative sources, the less fossil fuels we use and the less damage we do to the environment.  This event will demonstrate how versatile hydrogen is and how it can be used in different contexts.’

The hydrogen will be stored in a metal hydride store, which keeps it at a low pressure.  It enters the fuel cell where it combines with oxygen from the atmosphere and generates electricity, which then goes into an electrical converter, powering the performer’s PA system during the concert. 

Alex, who is part of a team of researchers who specialise in hydrogen storage, is already involved in hydrogen projects including the University’s hydrogen powered boat.  He now hopes that he can use this technology to power future events.

The event is free for those wishing to attend. 


Notes to Editors

1. Hydrogen research: The University of Birmingham’s campus houses one of only two hydrogen fuelling stations in the UK, a hydrogen powered boat and 5 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

2. The green hydrogen is supplied by Green Gases Ltd. 

3. Address of venue: The New Dogpool Hotel (formerly The Hibernian), Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JL. 

For further information

Kate Chapple, Press Officer, University of Birmingham, tel 0121 414 2772 or 07789 921164.