A research group at the University of Birmingham will begin a study that aims to increase our understanding of how chronic inflammation in the body can lead to cancer. Scientists hope that the research program will also lead to the development of novel approaches for the treatment and improved management of inflammation-associated malignancies, such as liver and colon cancer.

Dr. Jorge Caamaño and his research group, from the School of Immunity and Infection, form part of the INFLA-CARE consortium (Inflammation and Cancer Research in Europe), a pan-European network of scientists led by the Foundation of Research & Technology Hellas (FORTH) in Greece.

Dr Caamaño, whose research interests are focused on the regulation of signals that have a dual role in organ development as well as chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer, says: “The opportunity to work with the world’s leading experts in cancer biology, medicine and biotechnology, to advance our knowledge on the growth of cancer is very exciting.

“Our ultimate aim is translate the scientific advances made in the laboratory into novel treatments that enable us to tackle cancer at a very early stage. We hope to make a real difference in the prevention and treatment of malignant disease.”

The team have been awarded a grant from the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme. Dr Aristides Eliopoulos, who is the co-ordinator of the INFLA-CARE programme commented: “The INFLA-CARE researchers are delighted to have received funding for this programme of research.” 

INFLA-CARE integrates the core skills and expertise of researchers from a total of twenty one Institutions in Europe and Israel and is supported with 12 million euro from the European Commission for a period of 4 years.


Further Media Information:

Dr. Jorge Caamaño is available for interview, please contact Anna Mitchell on 0121 414 6029 / 07920 593946

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INFLA-CARE contact:

Aristides Eliopoulos, PhD

Associate Professor

Institute for Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Foundation of Research & Technology Hellas

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Email: eliopag@imbb.forth.gr

Tel/Fax: +30 2810 394565