Professor Anthony Arnull, Barber Professor of Jurisprudence at Birmingham Law School, appeared before the Justice and Institutions Sub-Committee of the House of Lords EU Committee on 13 October 2010 to assist it with its enquiry into the working of the European Court of Justice.

In a meeting lasting over an hour, Professor Arnull discussed with the Sub-Committee a range of issues including filtering cases, the future of the preliminary rulings procedure, dealing with intellectual property cases, the language regime and case management.

An audio recording of his evidence will be available on until late October. Professor Arnull’s oral evidence built on written evidence he had submitted earlier. The full text of his written evidence is available here.

When it has finished gathering evidence, the Sub-Committee will produce a report with recommendations later in the year. The full text of the report, along with all the written and oral evidence received by the Sub-Committee, will be available online at

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