Image of the book cover of Vince Gaffney and David Smith's Europe's Lost World

Image of the book cover of Europe's Lost World

The CBA book publication Europe's Lost World: the re-discovery of Doggerland by Vince Gaffney, Simon Fitch and David Smith yesterday won the Best Archaeological Book prize at the prestigious British Archaeological Awards.

Author Vince Gaffney and the CBA's Publications Officer, Catrina Appleby, collected the prize at the awards ceremony held at the British Museum in London.

The book presents the results of the work carried out by a team from VISTA at the University of Birmingham to explore the land underneath the North Sea that was inundated at the end of the last Ice Age approximately 10,000 years ago. Using data collected for petroleum exploration, the project has been able to map the rivers, lakes and hill of this so-called 'Doggerland', an area the size of a small European country, that once linked us to the continent.