Following a successful workshop and conference at the Institute of European Law in 2008, Dr Luca Rubini, Deputy Director of the Institute, is please to announce the publication of an edited collection which, building up on this initiative, makes its result available to the wider public

Microsoft on Trial: Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case, published by Edward Elgar,analyses the antitrust cases that have involved Microsoft on both sides of the Atlantic and offers a thorough and timely discussion on the regulation of unilateral behaviour in a topical sector.

This fascinating and highly relevant book facilitates discussion on the difficult technical, legal and economic issues with respect to innovation, competition and welfare raised, through the span of more than a decade, by the US and EC Microsoft antitrust cases. It assesses their impact on the evolution of European and US laws on competition and intellectual property in the IT sector and beyond.

The book, which adopts a multidisciplinary approach (IT, law, economics), benefits from the valuable insights of 20 contributors including those that were directly involved in the EC case. Practitioners, advanced postgraduates and academics will find this unique book an essential resource.

Contributors include: S. Anderman, A. Andreangeli, M. Baldauf, N. Banasevic, J.-F. Bellis, N. Economides, J. Fejø, I.S. Forrester QC, E.M. Fox, M.J. Gil-Molto, P. Hellström, C. Jackson, T. Kasten, I. Lianos, R.J.R. Peritz, C. Petrucci, D. Ridyard, L. Rubini, B. Vesterdorf, A. Wa