Birmingham Law lecturer Dr Luca Rubini has been awarded an AHRC Fellowship of £63,280 to support his research on the regulation of legitimate subsidies in the World Trade Organisation.

Dr Rubini's research explores the case and challenges of a new regulation recognizing the autonomy, or policy space, of countries to adopt certain subsidies for certain legitimate policy objectives. This is a topical issue which is increasingly debated in academic and policy circles and raises core questions on the governance of subsidies in an international and multi-level context. Ultimately, it touches on key questions about what the WTO is for in the 21st century.

This is the second grant for this research project: a British Academy Small Research Grant of £7,406 supported a research visit to the Institute of International Economic Law of Georgetown University last Autumn.

The results of the project will be mainly disseminated through the publication of a monograph for CUP in 2013.

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