Archaeology staff have been doing the rounds in the media this month with segments on the BBC2 programme Digging for Britain. 

As part of the undergraduate field training module students and staff undertook a series of excavations in locations as diverse as the north of Scotland and the south east of England. Two of these excavations were filmed by 360 productions for BBC2. These sites included the Iron Age wetland site at Geldeston (Norfolk) and the Iron Age settlement on Harris (Scotland). Alice Roberts and the team got to experience the extremes of field archaeology from a Norfolk peat bog to a Scottish beach. The analyses of both sites are well underway and more information will be available soon. The dig at Geldeston was also featured on Radio 4’s ‘ Woman’s Hour’ in the discussion of the role of women in the Iron Age.

Some men filming an archaeological dig

Alice Roberts and the Digging for Britain team talk to Dr Ben Gearey