So many people turn to eating when they are stressed, bored or anxious. All those extra calories can add up, and if you overweight, comfort eating may be something that is not helping you to reach a healthy weight goal. Dr Jackie Blissett and Ideas Lab at the University of Birmingham have designed an app to try to get people thinking about how they are using food to deal with their emotions, and to try to suggest simple alternatives that may get people through those moments when a chocolate biscuit seems irresistible. This app isn’t a replacement for seeking help if your eating really worries you, but is a light-hearted, simple, and free way of trying out small changes that might help you to make healthier eating choices. We hope you find it useful and fun!

Download the app free from iTunes.

The app was funded by UnLtd, a foundation for social entrepreneurs, and 4iP, an initiative of Channel 4 Television.