Launch of European Engineering Deans Convention photo

The European Engineering Deans’ Council (EEDC) was launched at the 2011 SEFI Conference, held in Lisbon in September. The University of Birmingham is the only UK founding member university of the EEDC. Professor Kamel Hawwash, of the School of Civil Engineering, represented Professor Richard A Williams, Head of College, at the council's initial meeting. “It is important that the College is seen as playing a leading role in influencing policy on education and research in Europe and its membership of EEDC is an important vehicle for achieving this" says Professor Hawwash "through this, the EEDC can also present a strong voice for Europe in the Global Engineering Deans Convention.”

The first General Assembly of the EEDC will take place on 30 March 2012 at the University of Birmingham, following the European Engineering Deans Convention which the University is also hosting on 29 -30 March.  Further details on the European Engineering Deans Convention and developments for the EEDC will be posted in the Civil Engineering news pages in the coming months.