5 July – 10 July 2011

Explore over 20 fascinating exhibits – Interact with the science that is shaping our world – Question UK Scientists about their research - visit the website for more information.

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  • SchrÖdinger’s cat in a silicon chip
  • Bats and bugs: balancing conservation and public health
  • 21st century traffic control: the invisible referee
  • Can you hear the shape of a graph?
  • Raiders of the lost amp!
  • Rotting fish and fossils: resolving the riddle of our earliest vertebrate ancestors
  • Graphene: unexpected science in a pencil line
  • How nature dresses to impress
  • Combating the superpests: the battle to save our food
  • Ocean drifters: a secret world beneath the waves
  • Discovering particles: fundamental building blocks of the Universe
  • Guns, knives and bombs: spotting weapons in baggage x-rays
  • Geometry and light: the science of invisibility
  • Trauma surgery: the science of the bleeding obvious!
  • Speaking and listening in a noisy world
  • Confidence from uncertainty: interpreting climate predictions
  • Blown away: capturing the power of wind
  • Interactive bionic vision
  • Facing up to faces: perception from brains to robots
  • Satnav for surgeons: accurately navigating the body’s arterial highways
  • Aurora explorer: Cluster’s mission to the magnetosphere
  • Putting sunshine in the tank – using nanotechnology to make solar fuel

Opening times:

Tuesday 5 July 10am – 9pm
Wednesday 6 July – Thursday 7 July – 10am – 5pm
Friday 8 July – 10am – 9pm
Saturday 9 July – 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10 July – 11am – 6pm

Last entry 30 minutes before closing


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