A group of current and former Shakespeare Institute students, headed by José Pérez Díez, Will Sharpe, and Helen Osborne, have established a charitable trust to fund a yearly scholarship in memory of 2009 SI PhD student Dr Lizz Ketterer. Dr Ketterer died earlier this year at the age of 31 due to complications from juvenile diabetes. Through the promotion of a range of activities the Trust aims to establish an annual scholarship that will allow a young student from Winedale, Texas—where Lizz studied during her undergraduate career—the chance to follow in her footsteps and attend the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Summer School, held at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The first major fundraising event of the Trust was a production of Hamlet the past month, which raised just under £3,000 – enough to fund the first two years of the scholarship. More events will follow soon.

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