Professor Joan Duda, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, drew from her long-standing research on motivational processes and optimizing youth engagement in sporting activities when invited to be a keynote speaker at two recent conferences. Professor Duda leads on the on-going European Commission funded ‘PAPA’ project (www.projectpapa.org) and has spearheaded motivation theory-based educational programmes, such as Empowering Coaching™.

She spoke on 'Maximizing children’s health via sport: The importance of Empowering Coaching' at the II Congreso de Deporte en Edad Escolar (2nd Congress of School Age Sport), Valencia on 27 October 2011. Valencia was chosen to be the 2011 European Capital of Sport and this congress was one of the events planned this year related to this honour.

Joan also presented at the conference on 'Researching Youth Sport, Health, and Well-being in Challenging Times', which was jointly hosted by Brunel University and the Institute for Youth Sport, Loughborough University on 16 November 2011.

See a PDF flyer for this conference here