Two actors beside a pool table

Liz Tomlin is the writer/producer with artistic collaborative Geiger Counter Theatre. Their latest piece, The Pool Game, was previewed at mac in March 2011. Further funding from the Arts Council has now been awarded and the piece will go into full production in June with performances in Leeds, Sheffield and London with additional dates to be confirmed.

Geiger Counter is a recently formed collaborative, made up of artists with over ten years of professional experience in theatre and performance. The company is co-produced by Liz Tomlin and sound artist Andy Booth, with current artistic direction from Di Sherlock. Geiger Counter seeks to work with a wide range of partners to explore the fusion of new writing and sound design with innovative modes of performance in diverse contexts and environments. They are principally committed to developing new models of writer-led, text-based practice through collective approaches to its development.

Inspired by Franz Kafka’s The Trial, The Pool Game sets up a series of challenges for a twenty-first century Josef K, who is condemned to play the ultimate opponent who has the power to change the rules of the game on a whim.

More information and updates on touring venues and dates in June can be found at