This proposal sets out an integrated programme of research visits, training workshops, curriculum innovation and joint publications, led by early career researchers who share a specific interest in politics and print culture along the Ghana-Togo border during the twentieth century. This project combines the collaborative publication of a hitherto unexploited local-language source with new research training activities at two Ghanaian universities.

Through a workshop series, postgraduates will have the opportunity to work with excerpts of the co-applicants' local-language source, and with a range of other primary sources collected by visiting speakers and Ghanaian scholars. A new research training module will encourage dissertation students to identify their own examples of locally-authored and under-utilised sources. The benefits of the project will be sustained, a) through a webpage which showcases the work of Ghanaian postgraduates in identifying, translating, interpreting and analysing sources, and b) through a textbook which complements the new research training module.