On 4th September, Geoffrey Brown travelled to Warsaw to attend team meetings at The Pharmaceutical Research Institute led by DECIDE’s co-Chair Prof. Andrzej Kutner (Director of Research at PRI). During his stay, Geoffrey Brown visited the Pilot Plant Department, Quality Control Department, Pharmacology Department, Pharmacy Department and Mini-synthesis Department, as well as participating in a seminar on vitamin D analogues research. Afterwards the Director, Prof. Kutner and Geoff ate an excellent lunch at a restaurant at The Royal Castle.

Geoffrey and Prof. Kutner then flew on to Wroclaw to attend the ‘Wroclaw Seminar on Nuclear Receptors’, which was organised at the University of Wroclaw by Prof. Ewa Marcinkowska. Members of DECIDE – Prof. Kutner, Prof. Marcinkowska, Dr Elizbieta Gocek, and Geoffrey – talked at the meeting, as did Prof. Michael Danilenko (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) who is a DECIDE collaborator. There was a delicious barbeque at The Botanic Garden in Wroclaw.

DECIDE members – Studzinski, Brown, Danilenko, Hughes, and Marcinkowska - have edited, and contributed to, a special issue of Leukaemia Research and Treatment entitled ‘Differentiation and Cell Survival of Myeloid Cells’, to appear in September.

On these occasions everyone enjoyed the very best of Polish traditional fare (smalec, bigos, perogi, and slivovitz).