Dr Juana Mari Delgado-Saborit has been awarded the 2011 Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award.

This is a very prestigious award given by the American Health Effects Institute to young researchers which possess outstanding research potential. Most of the previous recipients of this coveted award work in American research institutions from the Ivy League and are now in leading positions in Air Pollution research. Therefore, this award is not only a great opportunity for Dr Delgado-Saborit’s research career, but also signifies the University of Birmingham within the best universities in her research field.

The Award will provide 300,000 USD to develop a research project relevant to the health effects of air pollution. The funds of the award will be aimed at characterizing inhaled doses to a mixture of air pollutants and to compare those with a range of alternative surrogate exposure metrics in order to assess the degree of misclassification associated with the surrogates, and to identify key activities and sources contributing to the dose burden of these pollutants.

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