Dr Ruth Howard and Dr Gary Law have created a new DVD for young people with Coeliac Disease. This came from an ESRC Knowledge Transfer Grant (£99.3k, January 2011-Jan 2012). The DVD was produced in conjunction with the Media Centre (production manager was Mark Ray and Director/Editor was Steve Broster) here at the University and features young people talking about their experiences of living with and managing Coeliac Disease.

Ruth Howard

The DVD is based on the findings of research funded by the charity Coeliac UK (£76k, 2009-2011). The first version of the DVD was completed and launched in November last year, and then was the subject of an evaluation study as part of the ESRC grant. Following this, a second version has just been completed, which includes some of the feedback from the evaluation. The team showcased the new version at the Coeliac UK Annual Volunteers Conference last Saturday and had an overwhelmingly positive response, with local Coeliac UK volunteers groups wanting library copies of the DVD for their young members.

Gary Law

There will be clips of the DVD on www.Coeliac.org.uk in the future.

For more information about the DVD please contact Ruth Howard directly. 

Additional information:
Ruth is also in touch with Alta Innovations about marketing version 2 of the DVD, and has just received offers of funding from two of the local Coeliac UK Volunteers Groups to produce enough copies of the DVD to get things off the ground so the team can market and hopefully sell the DVD in due course.